Save Me A Seat

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair

I never got a chance to hold you

Or play with your hair

You were taken away from me

Even before birth

But I loved you anyways

For what it is worth

You brought me great joy just knowing you were there

And don’t think for a minute that I didn’t care

I just wanted one look at your beautiful face

But God took you away to a much better place

I’m trying hard now to be really strong

Can’t help feeling that I did something wrong

Realizing that this must be part of His test

I want you to know that I tried my very best

As for right now the answers aren’t complete

But I’ll see you in Heaven

So save me a seat

Greg Ostrander is 49yrs old and has been a professional poker player since 2004. He won a World Series of Poker bracelet in Vegas in 2012. He was also was a model and Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy. He has been married to his wife Lisa since 07/07/07. They have a 13yr old daughter, Juliana, who was born basically 2 yrs after the miscarriage.  They currently live in Victor, NY.  Follow Greg on Twitter @gspot_17

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