Best Friends

I’m quiet
shy and introverted
I don’t make friends easily

I have just one friend
my best friend

he has blond curly hair
always smiling
easy going
but somehow questioning

legs splayed
sitting on the sidewalk
outside his house
we talk for hours

about life
about God
about religion
about girls

I’m quiet
but not with Devin

Let’s go to Nathan’s
let’s build a raft

one time he
talked me into
riding my bike
all the way
to Fort Lauderdale

further than
I had ever been
miles and miles

leaving my block
was far for me
leaving my front door
was far

Fort Lauderdale
an adventure
I’ll never forget                                                       

I’ll also never forget
the call
his dad answered the phone

he’s gone
he shot himself

my mind
I didn’t know
what to say

I never
found out
what happened
I guess that’s strange

I just went back
back to being quiet

no more talks
no bike rides to Fort Lauderdale
no best friend

back to my block
back to my front door

Glen Alan Mitchell is a queer artist living in Miami, FL with his husband and four dogs. His poetry has appeared in The Daily Drunk and Tealight Press. Find him at Find him on Twitter @miamiglen

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